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Clean Up with Air-Vac Furnace Cleaning Company
A build up of dust and dirt may not seem like a big deal. When it builds up on your furnace, air conditioner and other appliances, it becomes a big deal to the life of that appliance. Don’t make your major mechanicals work overtime. Call Air-Vac Furnace Cleaning Company. Our expert technicians will eliminate the particles keeping your appliances from operating efficiently. Family owned and operated since 1985, Air-Vac Furnace Cleaning Company will clean out the cobwebs from residential, commercial or industrial mechanicals located within a 100 km radius of Edmonton.

We Take the Dirt with Us
When you contact Air-Vac Furnace Cleaning Company, we’ll do the cleaning with our truck-mounted equipment. That means when we leave, we take the dust and debris with us! Whether you’re facing an emergency situation or need routine maintenance, we offer evening and weekend appointments that fit your schedule. Once we’ve cleaned your built-in vacuum, hot water tank, furnace or air conditioner, you’ll breathe easier. That’s because the allergens building up in your home are coming with us!

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. Appointment available for evenings and weekends.

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